In compliance with the duty of information contained in art.10 of Law 34/2002 of July
11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce we inform you that
the ownership of the website corresponds to AUTOCARES CRESPO SALAZAR, SL .
With CIF B-14022669 and home address in C / Son RAMONELL 27, ISLAS
telephone +34 971101494, hereinafter AUTOCARES CRESPO SLAZAR, S.L.
In AUTOCARES CRESPO SLAZAR, S.L. we provide transport services for individuals
and groups of people. We operate under the brand "MY TOURS TRANSFER" which is
our exclusive property. For commercial purposes we operate through the website
http://www.mytourstransfer.com and with the email info@mytourtrasnfer.com See the
"CONTACT" section of our website to see other local phone numbers.
For the provision of our services we work with transport operators whom provide
professional transport services for the transfer of passengers, or whom act as an
agency with legal capacity to offer transportation services and who are in possession of
all the necessary licenses and permits according to the legislation applicable to each
one of them for the realization of this activity.
The transport service will not be considered as a tourist package under the terms
established by Council Directive 90/314 / EEC, of June 13, 1990, ether in the terms of
Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 of November, and the law 34/2002 that
approves the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and
Users, as well as other complementary laws, and therefore the company does not
operate in any case as a travel agency. Through ours websites, MY TOURS
TRANSFER we offers transport services for both, individuals and groups of people.
Before requesting a service offered on our website, please read carefully these TERMS
this website. If you want, you can print these conditions. By making a reservation you
confirm that you have read these Conditions and that you have the legal capacity to
accept them on your own behalf and that of all passengers.
By making use of this website and doing orders through it, the user commits to the
following actions:
* Use the website only for the purpose of consulting products and placing orders.
* Do not place any fraudulent or false orders. If, in a reasonable way, an order is
considered fraudulent, AUTOCARES CRESPO SALAZAR, SL is authorized to cancel it
and inform to the authorities.
* Provide your contact information in a truthful and accurate way in order to be able to
do the services.
If you have any doubts about any of the conditions, please contact our Customer
Service before continuing with the reservation process. If you do not agree with any of
the obligations arising from these Conditions, unfortunately you should not make any
reservation with us.
The person who make the reservation must be over 18 years of age and is responsible
for following all the steps of the online booking system, making sure that all the
information provided is correct and complete and making the full payment. Once the

contract with MY TOURS TRANSFER is formalized, the company will carry out all the
necessary procedures to organize the services requested.
The contract will be binding on the parts only when you recived your proof of transfer
by email. In the event that the transports operator can not be provide the requested
service, the client will be informed and the total amount will be reimbursed using the
same system used for the payment, leaving the company free of any other obligation
to the client.
The client must confirm the reception of our notifications. In the event of not receiving
comfirmation of the email´s reception, the records stored in our mail server will be
considered sufficient proff of receipt.
Our confirmation mail of payment made by the client will not be considered proof of the
existence of a binding contract.
You must print and have the reservation vouchers ready to present them to the
transport operator so that the driver can examine them. If the holder of the reservation
does not present the voucher, it is possible that the transport operator does not provide
the service. We recommend that you print and carry with you all communications
maintained with the company in addition to the proof of transfer.
It is expressly forbidden for minors to request services from the company, and their
parents, tutors or legal representatives should contact us immediately in the event that
a minor has booked a service with us to cancel it. Minors must always travel in the
company of an adult passenger.
All children and babies, regardless of their age, will be taken into account to determine
the capacity of the vehicle to use, and therefore must be entered in the total number of
passengers at the moment of booking.
The rates reflected on the website are established in euros and include the current
taxes. AUTOCARES CRESPO SALAZAR, S.L. reserves the right to modify prices at
any time. At the moment of booking, the total amount of the service including the
applicable VAT will be indicated according to current legislation at the times.
As a payment form we accept the most widespread ways of payments, such as credit
cards (American Express, MasterCard/Diners International, Visa), debit cards
(Visa/Delta, Visa/Electron), bank transfer and Paypal. The use of PayPal is only
possible for reservations with a minimun amount and the customer assumes the
corresponding administration costs.
The minimum time to make a reservation through the web is 24h. The web does not
allow reservations in a time under than that period. In other way, the customer service
period is established through the web from 9h to 20h (Mallorca Time) on works days

The information contained in the transfer receipt includes the reserved destination, the
pick-up-point and the address of the accommodation (or pick-off-point). Any change
that affects this or other data must be communicated by email to the address
info@mytourstrasnfers.com or requested through the section "My Private Area" of the
website before 48 hours to the date of service provision, and will only be considered
effective once checked with the transport operator and confirmed to the client by email.
The customer assumes any increase in the cost of the service due to a change in the
The first change will not entail additional administration costs. Beyond this first change,
the company will be able to charge € 15 of administrative expenses for each additional
No amount will be refunded for changes made in less than 48 hours. Once the contract
has been formalized, the client must notify our Customer Service department of any
error detected at least 48 hours before the corresponding transfer service. Notifications
received less than 48 hours in advance regarding the transfer service will entitle the
company to cancel the contract without penalty.
Any cancellation of the contract must be made in writing by email to
info@mytourtrasnfer.com Separate transfer services can be canceled as well as a
complete reservation that includes more than one service.
In case of receiving your cancellation request, the following policy will be followed:
In all the services, cancellations are free until 48 hours before the start of the transfer.
With less than 48 hours before the start of the transfer, we can not guarantee the total
or partial refund of the amount of the reservation, since it is possible that the
preparation costs have already been executed. 100% of the original price of the
transfer will be charged in case of a cancellation after the beginning of the transfer or if
the traveler does not show up.
If the transport operator is forced to make any significant change in the conditions of
service, or to cancel the service, we will inform you as soon as possible.
We will do everything possible to respect your preferences about the vehicle chosen;
however, the vehicle may be replaced by one of higher capacity or multiple vehicles
depending on availability. The vehicles can be replaced by others of greater range
according to availability.
In extraordinary cases that we can forced to cancel your reservation. You will be
refunded the full amount of the reservation and this refund will cover all obligations
towards the customer arising from such cancellation. In any case, we will make the
necessary efforts to find alternatives ways to any confirmed reservation that we must
The services of transfer for people with reduced mobility must be requested through
our Customer Service at info@mytourtrasnfer.com We will do everything possible to

attend your request. Passengers with reduced mobility must be able to access the
vehicle autonomously or with the assistance of one of their companions.
We will do everything possible to ensure that the transport operator offers the chair or
elevator when it has been reserved. In the vehicles that are authorized by the
competent authorities
During the reservation process you will have the possibility to reserve an additional
stop in case you need to pick up or return some keys or if your group is divided among
more than one accommodation.
The address of the additional stop must be located in the same destination as the main
stop. The maximum duration of this additional stop will be 5 minutes.
In the case of break these conditions, we will be responsible only for those damages or
losses that are a consequence attributable to our default or our negligence, and at
most for the total amount paid by you.
We are not responsible for damages that are not directly attributable to us or those
caused by accident, force majeure or that have their cause in legal or administrative
We are not responsible for incidents that occur during the provision of the service,
unless they are a direct consequence of our negligence.
Furthermore, we will only be responsible for what our employees and transport
operators do or do not do while acting in the framework of their professional
performance (for employees) or doing the jobs we have requested (for transport
We can not guarantee one hundred percent the accuracy of the contents of this
website. The possibility that the page is affected by a computer virus can not be ruled
out. Anyway, we will do everything on our part to rectify any error that is communicated
to us in the shortest time possible. If, due to one of these errors, a reservation is
made with a wrong price or with a wrong promotion, we reserve the right to
terminate the contract without having to compensate the customer.
In the case of pick-ups at the airport, if the user or passenger does not appear within
sixty (60) minutes after the agreed pick-up time and at the agreed pick-up location; and
it is not possible to communicate with him by means of the telephone number indicated
in the reservation, this will be considered as a lack of presentation without cancellation
and the user is obliged to pay the full price indicated in the service contract.
If the user or passenger needs additional waiting time, you must warn our customer
service team, and for this you have a 24-hour telephone always available, which is
indicated in the voucher that is generated at the time of booking.

Services out the airport and port: If the user or passenger does not show up (without
cancellation of the reservation) within fifteen (15) minutes after the agreed pick-up time
at the agreed pick-up point and it is not possible to communicate with him by means of
the telephone number indicated in the reservation, this will be considered as failure to
appear without cancellation and the user is obliged to pay the full price indicated in the
service contract.
If the user or passenger needs additional waiting time, you must warn our customer
service team, and for this you have a 24-hour telephone always available, which is
indicated in the voucher that is generated at the time of booking.
If the user or passenger does not appear at the agreed pick-up time at the agreed pick-
up point and if the reserved hours have elapsed, the user is obliged to pay the full price
indicated in the contract service.
On our part, we will be available to the client at all times until the reserved hours have
By formalizing this contract you implicitly declare that: You are of legal age and are in
full use of your mental faculties and that you are therefore qualified to assume the legal
responsibilities derived from this agreement. Is aware of the scope of the services that
are the subject of this contract, of the information regarding the company and the
content of these General Conditions. It also declares that the credit or debit cards it
uses are owned and that they have sufficient funds to cover the amount of the service.
Understand that you must notify us as soon as possible of any modification of the data
you have provided.
The services will be provided in accordance with the information specified in the
transfer receipt sent by email. It is your responsibility to provide complete and correct
directions for the collection and destination points at the time of booking.
It is also part of their responsibilities to print and check the accuracy of the transfer
receipt. If the information contained in the voucher is incorrect, you should contact our
Customer Service team immediately for rectification.
During the booking process, pay special attention to ensure that all required fields,
marked with an asterisk (*), have been filled out correctly. We are not responsible for
reservations that are impossible to carry out and no refunds will be made for these
reservations. Only you are responsible for providing the necessary documentation for
crossing borders. We do not assume any responsibility and refuse to incur additional
costs caused by the non-provision of such documents or by non-compliance with
customs, police, tax or administrative regulations of the countries to which access is
sought. Proof of transfer is not a valid document to obtain an entry visa.
In case the company is forced to pay a deposit or a fine to the authorities of other
countries as a consequence of the customer's failure to comply with the laws,
regulations or other requirements of the countries in which they intend to enter or leave
or that they intend to cross, The customer will assume full responsibility for reimbursing
the company. We reserve the right to withhold any amount that has been paid to us
until the client shows that he has reimbursed the amount corresponding to these fines,
charges, etc.

We reserve the right and you accept these conditions authorize us to make charges on
your credit or debit card for damage to the vehicle (including a thorough cleaning) or for
objects that have disappeared from the vehicle.
We reserve the right not to accept further reservations from a customer that has
caused a major incident or incidents repeatedly.
We can not be held responsible in the event that the fulfillment of our obligations or
those of the transport operator is impeded or affected directly or indirectly by or as a
result of a force majeure event or of any circumstance beyond our control including,
among others, cases such as extreme weather events, natural disasters, terrorism,
accidents of third parties along the itinerary of the transfer, police controls,
extraordinary traffic congestion or strikes.
Any contact related to possible changes in the reservation data should be requested by
email INFO@MYTOURTRANSFER.COM or through the section "My Private Area" of
our site Web.
In case of unavoidable modifications of the contract, we will inform you through an
email sent to the address provided to us at the time of booking; The sending of this
email will be considered as proof of its reception by the client. The same is valid for any
other informative email that we send you. For this reason, it is very important that you
make sure that the email address provided is correct and that you check your e-mail
inbox until the moment of the start of the transfer service.
In case your arrival is delayed, the transportation operator will reprogram the Transfer
Service and you will be picked up at the new arrival time subject to availability.
If for any reason you do not arrive at the collection point within a period of 60 minutes
in airports or port and 15 minutes in others services from the time stipulated in the
reservation receipt, the transport operator or our Customer Service will try to contact
you through of the mobile phone number you have provided.
If this communication is not possible because you have not provided us with a valid
number at the time of booking, due to not having coverage, having activated your
voicemail or not answering the call, the service will not be provided, the operator of
transport will be released from its obligation to provide the service and no amount will
be reimbursed.
In case of not being able to locate the driver of your service, it is the client's
responsibility to contact us by calling the 24h telephone number. that appear on your
reservation voucher. If you do not call this number and arrange an alternative transport,
the service will not be provided, the transport operator will be released from its
obligation to provide the service and no amount will be reimbursed. Please make sure
you travel with that mobile phone and that it is on while waiting for your luggage or in
customs control. If we can not reach you at the phone number provided, we will not be
able to provide the service and no refund will be made.

Unused transfers are not refundable and the costs of an alternative transport will only
be reimbursed if it has been pre-authorized by a member of our team. If you are
authorized to take alternative transportation, please be sure to obtain and send us a
receipt for our Quality Department to review. Transportation expenses related to claims
that do not attach valid receipts will not be reimbursed.
It is your responsibility to check the established pick up time and make sure you arrive
at the airport or port with enough time to check in or any other preparation for your trip.
The company is not responsible for the loss of your flight or ship
The transport operator will pick you up and leave you as close as possible to the
directions provided. If access through a regular itinerary is closed due to weather
conditions, traffic accidents, etc., the transport operator will take, according to your
express request, an alternative route to reach the agreed destination; in these cases
they may generate additional costs for you.
Although we strive to offer confirmation SMS messages when the client so requests,
this service depends on telephone networks that are beyond our control. If a text
message does not arrive or arrives late, the client must comply with the information
provided by email or that contained in the "My Private Area" section of our website.
Vehicles used for transfers have capacity for at least 1 package or suitcase per
passenger seat with combined maximum measures of 158 cm (length + width + height)
per package. At the time of booking you must inform us of the luggage to be
transported. It is not necessary to declare smaller packages that can be placed on the
passenger footrest such as cameras, bags or small backpacks. The passenger will be
responsible for any costs incurred in case of needing additional vehicles for the
transport of undeclared luggage.
There is an additional charge to travel with golf clubs and / or bicycles
Your acceptance of the proposed Contract and of the Terms and Conditions is
considered a tacit agreement in which under no circumstance will you include in your
luggage or personal objects objects that contravene the legislation of the country in
which the service is provided (firearms, etc.) or those that may be harmful to third
parties, or objects of excessive size, weight, expiration or fragility. Unless you travel
with a guide dog, animals are not allowed.
The transport of luggage and other personal items is at your own risk and in no case
shall we be liable for any damages or losses. This risk of damage or loss should be
covered by contracting insurance by the client before the start of the transfer.
By formalizing this contract, you implicitly grant the company and the transport operator
the right to deny service to any passenger who, according to the driver's criteria, is
under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those whose conduct may be considered
dangerous to the driver of the vehicle, to third parties or to themselves.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the transport operator's vehicles for
consumption during the transfer. This prohibition also applies to narcotics.
Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle and in its immediate vicinity.

It is not allowed to eat inside the vehicle.
If the service you receive from the transport operator does not meet your expectations,
you must immediately notify the Customer Service and, whenever possible, at the time
the incident occurs. Complaints received after the transportation service has ended and
we were not notified during the service period may not be accepted as we have not
been given the opportunity to help or intervene in any way. You will find our contact
details detailed on the reservation receipt.
Complaints in writing must be sent by email to info@mytourstransfers.com and reach
our hands no later than 28 days after your service date.
If you want to communicate any question related to our online booking process or our
Customer Service, please direct your complaint to the address:
The copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights related to the contents
published on our website are registered in the name of the company and are protected
by national and international legislation that regulates intellectual property.
The use of the content of our website by a third party for any purpose other than the
eventual reservation of a transport service is prohibited. This prohibition includes the
modification, subsequent publication as well as the reproduction or total or partial
representation of said content without the prior and express consent of the company.
Any illegal use of our website for any purpose is totally forbidden.
All the contents of this Website are protected by intellectual and industrial property
rights and are the exclusive property of MY TOURS TRANSFER It is expressly
forbidden to use the Website and the contents it contains, as well as the databases and
the software necessary for the visualization or operation of the same, for commercial
purposes, unless there is written consent of MY TOURS TRANSFER
Prohibited commercial uses include, without limitation:
- The resale or redistribution of the Website, its contents and/or its service through
another website. In particular, "web scraping" techniques to access the contents of the
- The use of "deep linking" techniques that generate confusion in the user, such as
"framing", and / or suppose an improper and illicit use of the contents of MY TOURS
These General Conditions will be governed by current Spanish legislation.
The contract agreed between you and the company will be regulated in accordance
with Spanish legislation.
For any dispute or claim the company and the client, expressly waiving any other
jurisdiction, submit to the courts of the city of Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares.

If any of the stipulations contained in these conditions of use is declared illegal, null or
declared inapplicable by judicial decision, the rest of the stipulations will continue in full
force and effect.
Our web page are available in several languages, and we continue to dedicate efforts
to add more languages in the future. Our Customer Service and assistance via email
are available in Spanish and English at all times. Whenever possible we try to help you
in the language in which you made the reservation. We pay special attention to the
quality of the translation of our websites and these General Conditions but in case of
discrepancy the Spanish version is the one that is considered valid.